Business Owners:  Chris and Bekah

Bekah and Chris Juencke
Bekah and Chris Juencke

 Chris Juencke, Owner and Pitmaster, is the visionary and founder of Smokin' Yankee's BBQ Competition Team.  Chris has taken many professional BBQ classes and has worked hard to perfect his competition BBQ skills.  We tend to think that Chris has it down to a fine art.  Chris loves to talk everything and anything related to BBQ so if you see him out and about, feel free to share your experiences and ask him your BBQ questions.

Bekah Juencke, Owner and Pitmistress of our Smokin' Yankee's BBQ Catering Team.  Bekah saw what great food Chris was serving to the BBQ judges and decided to turn it into something the public, not just the judges could enjoy.  Bekah is your point of contact for our Catering Services and will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

Our specialty is the fine art of BBQ.  Not just Grilling, but Smoking!  We have been on the Pro BBQ Competition Circuit for 8 years and have many awards to show for all our hard work, dedication, and doing what we love.

Smokin' Yankee's Bar-B-Que not only provides GREAT food but we also assist in the planning of your event.  We have taken many BBQ classes, catered many events, and continually look for ways to improve our services and ways to assist our customers in their event planning process.